PRIDE- Tea House – Nattapoom Sawettaporn

Today we head half-way across the globe from us, to showcase this intriguing Tea House design by Nattapoom Sawerraporn from the School of Architecture and Design, KMUTT.  It seems in the past couple years this investigation into the culture and redesign of the Tea House has been becoming more and more popular in design studio courses.  We get a rare glimpse into Nattapoom’s sketch book so enjoy after the jump!

STUDENT: Nattapoom Sawettaporn
PROFESSOR: Atithep Kashemsant
SCHOOL: School of Architecture and Design, KMUTT

“Regarding the analysis on user, function and site surrounding in architectural design, a program for “tea house” for gathering space of elder Chinese group is assigned for this project.

The design of a tea house should be studied and resulted from activities and programs related to users’ needs. The created space should enhance users’ behaviors and support the life style of elderly.

The project encourages student to investigate the Bangkok most popular building typology of “shop house” as a given scenario. A narrow plot of 4 x 14 meter located in between existing row houses.

The physical character of the site is a local pathway where the two-storey shop-houses run in parallel. The given community situated in a context of mixed Chinese -Thai community. It has been formed since the migration from China in 1940. The cultural domain between the two cultures – being Thai with Chinese background is a strong reference for the design concept.”

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