BOTOXUTOPIA – Politecnico di Milano’s School of Architecture – Drew Seskunas

Check out the workshop of Artist/Architect Drew Seskunas at the Politecnico di Milano, with the help of Brice Delarue of Zirkumflex, and the graphic designer Lea Delion. 24 international students participated in a week-long workshop where they designed and constructed an interactive architectural installation.

SCHOOL: Politecnico di Milano School of Architecture
PROFESSORS: Drew Seskunas, Brice Delarue, Lea Delion
STUDENTS: Constantina Agroti, Arezoo Akbarvand, Glykeria Anaxagorouglyka, Stefano Arrighi, Nicolo Bianchi, Giulia Borghi, Miruna-Luiza Caragheorgheopol, Daniele Cremaschi, Vedat Ali Dalokay, Matteo Gobbi, Seyedeh Golkoo Hooshmand Ziafi, Daniele Iori, Berk Kangoz, Katarzyna Krol, Georgios Kyriazis, Lorenza Manfredi, Abdulkadir Eren Ozturk, Amanda Parisi De Marchi, Isha Rathod, Negin Salamat, Marina Serratine Paulo, Alessia Tosini, Maria Vassileva, Ege Yuksek
COURSE: Workshop 

An interactive light installation constructed and designed using student participation from September 26th – 30th, 2011.  Inspired by the sparkling patterns which emerge from crystal growth in geodes, BotoxUtopia is a student generated light-sculpture.  Voluteers will participate in a weeklong workshop where they will learn the construction of basic, reflective volumes and their potential accumulations.  The basic volumes will be “grown” during the workshop into sculptural zones; each wired with a unique light quality.

The final installation will consist of 3 zones which interact visually through the movement of visitors in the sensored enviroment below the sculpture.BotoxUtopia will be mounted along a stretch of the suspended corridor ceiling.  Through the creation of an interactive environment generated from student input, BotoxUtopia adds a new dimension to traditional social utopian projects.  A dimension where critical mass and movement both directly and indirectly influence the spatial qualities of the surroundings.  The installation will, in effect, give the community of visitors the opportunity to  collectively “play” the space like an instrument.   The resulting songs will be written in light and as ephemeral as the passing moments,  producing a level of  interaction rarely explored in architectural design or social utopian projects.

Building with basic volumes, an uncertain growth can emerge from the interaction of each volume, like the growth of crystals in a geode.  Each volume has unique characteristics in lighting and shape.  As more volumes are added during the growth process, a specific DNA is created for each region, developing sculptural and lighting patterns which form as a result of the building process, and therefore can not be determined beforehand.

The supplied materials will be constructed into 3 volumes.  Each volume is a basic unit and can be easily constructed from any flat material.  Each volume is individually wired with its own light.

BotoxUtopia from Drew Seskunas on Vimeo.

All Images and Text via &
Photographs & Video via Nicolo Bianchi


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