300 Clouds- Benjamin Badeau

After showing you the trailer, we’re bringing Benjamin Badeau’s full 300 Clouds.  Re-contextualizing Chris Marker’s 1962 film La Jetee, imagining a different Earth and a new set of challenges shaped by the myriad, interwoven environmental catastrophes of the past 50 years.  Correlating with Ben’s Thesis Project, NATURE|MAN|MACHINE, the film lies in the realm of science-fiction, while establishing a powerful link between architecture and film.

STUDENT: Benjamin Badeau

As a part of “The Eternal Return” film series at the Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center on October 6, 2011, the film harnesses Nietzsche’s concept of the eternal recurrence and the multi-verse hypothesis in physics. The films in the series are structured by a central narrative loop and a thematic focus on the incommensurability of the momentary and the eternal.

300 Clouds does just this, engaging man’s ongoing technological and environmental realities, situated in time and space.  Man is a threshold between nature and machine.  Nature creates man, and man creates technology.  As technology re-creates man, expanding his capabilities, evolutionary process is observed.  The evolution of machine becomes the evolution of man, and thus with powers extended, man re-creates nature.  In an endless feedback loop caught in time, man chases the future, destined for equilibrium, but returns re-exposed and unsettled.

In 300 Clouds, Architecture embeds itself as a means of science, technology, and infrastructure, man’s last hope to relieve stress from post-apocalyptic Earth.  With 300 clouds at last count, he begins to search.  Will the count continue to slip, or can the ominous forms on the horizon help rebuild?

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