Bricole-age – Seth Denizen, University of Virginia

Here’s a project from Seth at University of Virginia, that is pretty abnormal in architecture projects.  The project deals with something you don’t normally notice, or interact with.  Instead, it’s a new idea for the constant replacement of bricole (wooden posts) that mark Venice’s canals.  Designed to use left over bottles from everyone’s favorite Italian drink, wine!  

STUDENT: Seth Denizen
SCHOOL: University of Virginia
PROFESSOR: Jorg Sieweke
SEMESTER: Spring 2011   Continue reading

Ecstatic Spaces – Appropriation & Sublimation -Tara Keens-Douglas

F+ is bringing you a fresh new look into yet another master’s thesis from the University of Waterloo, by Tara Keens – Douglas.  The project teases the boundaries of architecture.  Is architecture fashion or is fashion architecture.  One creates space and another invades space, yet both are the object of interest, yet at different scales.  

“Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions” CoCo Chanel.

INSTITUTE: University of Waterloo, ON Canada
STUDENT NAME: Tara Keens – Douglas
COURSE: Master’s Thesis
YEAR: 2010

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Weekend Studio Break!

Here is this weeks dose of cool so kick back in studio and slack with us for a few!
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The Cave – Gonzalo Vaillo Martinez, Universidad de Alcalá

Today’s project is from Spanish student Gonzalo at the Universidad de Alcala.  The project creates an extension to the Tate Modern on the Thames in London.  Underneath a new plaza, an extension to gallery spaces and a new auditorium allow blurring of boundaries between the Tate and the surrounding neighborhood.  Read the rest from the student after the break.

STUDENT: Gonzalo Vaillo Martinez
SCHOOL: Unversidad de Alcala
CLASS: Thesis

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Some of you are currently working on your architectural thesis, while others are trying not to think about your nearing final year in school.  So we thought we’d mix it up a little today and bring to you a totally different style of approaching your thesis, done by four students from Ball State University College of Architecture and Planning.  This collaboration of students proposed a group thesis where they spent a year exploring the world of design fabrication and today’s modern fabrication equipment as a business platform.  And now a year out of school their company PROJECTiONE has joined the ranks of emerging architectural fabrications shops like THEVERYMANY and Bram Geenen.

SCHOOL:  STUDENTS: Adam BuenteKyle Perry,Elizabeth BooneEric Brockmeyer
COURSE: Thesis Continue reading

Canopy Design – Digital Architectural Lab

Computational design is always an interesting thing to see implemented in small scale designs, especially those at the human scale.  Maybe it’s the juxtaposition of a digital means of creation with the cruder physical world.  This project is a great example of that, a computationally designed bench and shade, done at the Digital Architectural Lab, sponsored by the Hunan University SoA.  The DAL is a workshop that brings together prominent architects in the computation field with students. This work done under the supervision of a few architects from Zaha Hadid’s office and UNstudio.

SCHOOL:  Hunan University,  Digital Architectural Lab
PROFESSORS: Biao Hu, Yu Du, Suryansh Chandra, Shuojiong Zhang  Continue reading

Book Vendor – Destination: New York, Chris Ford

We live in a day and age where there is a good old fashion showdown brewing between technology and the age old paperback book.  This blog is living proof that you are sitting in front of a screen reading this instead of holding a printed article.  Borders, a huge chain bookstore, is closing its doors this week and now endless coffee sipping hipsters have been displaced into the streets where kindle’s and ipad’s rule.  Although what would New York City, Boston, Rome or any major city’s landscape look like if we didn’t have those beloved news/books stands scattered throughout the walkways.  This student run project was to design an urban bookstand for the streets of New York, however we pose the question to you, do books really hold a strong hold in today’s future?

STUDENTS: (Multiple)
FACULTY: Chris Ford, Associate Professor
INSTITUTION:University of Nebraska-Lincoln
YEAR: 2009

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Covington Farmer’s Market- design/build Lab, Virginia Tech

Today’s project is another design/build project for a local community.  This one at Virginia Tech’s School of Architecture + Design, was actually started by alumni’s of one of our previous featured design/build programs, Rural Studio at Auburn, Marie and Keith Zawistowski.  The farmer’s market is simple, with an undulating roof defining the space of interaction.  Check it out! 

SCHOOL: Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design
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Weekend Studio Break!

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Re-ligare Competition – Daniel Merritt & Kyle Post, Lawrence Technological University

Today at F+ we are keeping it state side with this competition project coming out of Lawrence Technological University, out in Southfield, Michigan.  The project takes a philosophical and introspective view into people in the machine of society today.  Can architecture really change the way that society functions and the way we live our lives today?  The project is a visually gripping project and an intriguing view on the reality of today, designed by Daniel Merritt and Kyle Post.

STUDENTS: Daniel Merritt, Kyle Post
FACULTY: Steven Schneemann
INSTITUTION: Lawrence Technological University
STUDIO / COURSE: Re-ligare Competition
YEAR: 2010

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