Show Us What You Got!

Don’t forget, this website showcases YOUR projects and YOUR ideas.  So show us some of your work, and get some feedback on your design. Click “more” to see how to share YOUR work with US. 

How to get the privilege of sharing your work:


Easy, there’s just a few things we need from you to consider posting your stuff.

1) Tell us about your project.  We wanna know what the project brief was, and your chosen solution.  Just a few sentences about what you were charged with creating.  Then a paragraph or two describing your methods, design choices etc.

2) Send us some images. (computer renderings, hand sketches, model photos, diagrams,etc.)

3) Make sure to describe these images.

4) Sit back and wait.  If we decide to post your work, we’ll let you know before we post it, and then it will be just a matter of time before you,your friends, your grandma and everyone sees your work on the glorious interwebs

5) We claim no credit for any work that shows up on our site.  Each student that is involved with the project will be credited properly, as well as teachers, and we will maintain all rules that apply to intellectual property rights.

Email it all to us at, with the Subject ” Project Submission- Your Name”

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