Weekend Studio Break

It’s the first weekend of Autumn, and you know what that means.  Cooler weather, warmer clothes, pumpkin beer, and oh so pretty colors of the leaves.  Unfortunately, for a lot of you, it probably means mid-terms too.  So take a break, check out a few cool things and recharge for your review.  

Also in for fall……BEARDS!

…and here’s one last taste of summer, and some crazy X-acto skills.

You know what we like?  People that make cool stuff…
3D printed fashion –

Iris van Herpen - 3D printed fashion

Daft Punk helmets, always a crazy intricate process

Music can be made from anything, check out the sounds of your local dry cleaner.

 Science is gettin’ crazy.  A visual reconstruction of brain waves, representing what you’re actually seeing.  Like a projector for your thoughts!

Check out a quick video on Scott Schumann, a.k.a. the Sartorialist

…and last, check out a sweet article about an old grain silo turned into an artist gallery/workshop.

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