Teletropolis – Kervin W Brisseaux – Syracuse SOA

A dark look at architecture and technology, as we look at another ongoing conversation between man versus the machine.  How we as man create because we can, we invent because we think, and design because of passion.  Kervin Brisseaux pushes the philosophical view that even though each generation has pushed technology to advance the global culture, at which point does technology then in turn regress human evolution.

SCHOOL:  Syracuse SOA
STUDENT: Kervin W Brisseaux
COURSE: ARC 500 – Practice Alternatives
YEAR: 2008

Why do humans create? In a philosophical sense, the many attitudes towards our knack for invention breeds from what most of humanity feels; if something is possible (i.e. space flight) then it’s within our human nature to believe that it must be accomplished. Over the past centuries, we’ve invented a variety of apparatuses that have affected the human culture exponentially. The telephone, the personal computer, and the i-pod are all examples of human inventions that have greatly affected the global culture. This project is an attempt to understand the various “cause and effects” of man’s technological advancements and the increasing dependency on these technologies.The main goal for this project is to literally exploit this into realizing the ultimate consequence of our dependencies on intelligent mechanisms, an inter/intra-communications dystopia. Where each generation brings about a new life-changing apparatus or machine that only feeds our high tech addictions. At what point does the machine start to not only manipulation the lifestyle but also the mindset? Are we heading down a path that would regress our species from human to automaton?

Mobile Telecom System – The TCS operates first art a domestic scale. It’s telecommunication features are used in within the home where people can use it for their leisure, wether for work or play. However, its mobile functions allow for its user to move about not just within the home, but even within the outskirts of the city which allows you to run your daily errands without ever having to leave your workspace. The antigravity thrusters work via a stabilized magnetic field that allow for smooth, uninterrupted movement.

Televisual Promulgator – The Televisual Promulgator is a robotic mobile kiosk whose purpose is to advertise a variety of social agendas, catering to both the mainstream and underground scene from music, movies, news, the product market and so on. Each TP is preprogrammed to cater to specific interests and the multiple screens are meant to simultaneously display a multitude of different topic specific episodes. The TP receives it’s images via satellite reception for maximum image quality and performance while its mobile functions allow it to advertise its programming over a vast yet controlled municipal area.

Holotrans Construct – The HTC (Holographic Transmission Construct) isa building type whose program depends entirely on the social agenda that its facade is programed to advertise. The central core is a massive power generator with a satellite receptor at it’s apex that transmits holographic images displayed on the facade. LIke it’s TP counterpart, it is a large scale tool for commercialization, but it’s interior spaces provide a holographic/virtual entertainment experience.

All text and images via Kervin W Brisseaux

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