Electronic Media: Physical Design Processes by Brad Dunn- RPI

via Brad DunnToday’s fresh project is an investigation into the complexities of geometry and patterns done by Brad Dunn of RPI in his Design Processes class in his senior year. The semester long investigations into the geometry and understanding how to control the simple connections led to the construction of this temporary structure. This playful kaleidoscope is a simple investigation into the smaller facets of architecture and through the investigation and tweaking of geometry comes the complexity of form. The depth of field created by the use of geometry and material choices creates a ceiling structure that begins to play with the notions of transparency and light.

STUDENTS : Brad Dunn
SCHOOL : Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
CLASS : Electronic Media: Design Processes of Fall 2010

A lightweight self-supporting ceiling structure composed of a field of horizontally and vertically organized hexagonal units. The field is organized in a dodecagon pattern creating large internal openings, which could be occupied by a variety of lighting types. via Brad DunnEach unit is triangulated through a colored acrylic bracing piece, which stabilizes the unit and provides visual depth through the dodecahedrons. Units are connected through a notched connection which keeps the units at a precise right angle.

via Brad Dunn

They call me mellow yellow

Further studies into the manipulation of the angle could allow the structure to create/occupy curved surfaces and give changing depth to the dodecahedrons in section.

via Brad Dunn

"I sure hope that fishing line doesn't break"

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