Project Distortion – RPI & The Royal Danish Academy

via Anders IngvartsenHere’s a pretty cool, built project from teams at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s SoA and The Royal Danish Academy’s Center for Information Technology & Architecture.  The team of students was comprised of 11 MArch students at the RDA, and 14 students; MArch, BArch, PhD in Acoustics, and MS Lighting.  The project was built for the 2010 Distortion Music Festival  in Copenhagen, Denmark.

STUDENTS: RPI: Ken Appleman, Chelsea Anderson, Nick Axel, John Botts, Sreoshy Banerjea, Caitlin Morris, Kieran Martin, Adam Patela, Heath Horn, Philip Robinson, Charles Sonder, Dave Stasiuk, Erica Voss, Lisa Yue
RDA: Samantha Buell, Marie Chounard, Galip Döken, Dicki Lauth, Cilian Magee, Signe Mikkelsen, Lucia Napuri, Jonathan Roy, Thea Rudnicki-Uholm, Mija Simonsen, Lisa Uhlman
SCHOOLRensselaer Polytechnic Institute & The Royal Danish Academy
CLASS: Seminar Project
PROFESSORS: RPI: Reese Campbell, Demetrios Comodromos
RDA: Niels Andersen, Martin Tamke, Ali Tabatabai, Brady Peters, Anders Deleuran  

The teams collaborated trans-atlanticaly to create an easily configured, transportable, and temporary structure, that still manages to create space that reacts to each site and provides a dynamic space for the festival attendees.

via Anders Ingvartsen

The space serves multiple purposes, allowing people to sit, stand, and interact with the final built object.

The project team used every facet of the design to create the dynamic space.  Acoustic materials, light properties, and overall geometry were used to create new ways of seeing space.  Companies like Fiber Float contributed free material as well, allowing the students to use new materials, further pushing the project.

via Nick Axel

Let's see your chipboard models do that!

This approach to the design  helped in keeping with the overall emphasis of the greater context of the Distortion Festival, creating a “…playground for adults, which enhanced the festivals inherent atmosphere and philosophy.”(via Erica Voss)

via Nick Axel

Like an alien ship descending on your night-time rave!

To deal with the temporary nature of the project, and allow for easy set-up and tear-down, the students used scripting to label and generate CNC profiles for each piece of the construct.  They also used a steel structure that grouped the cones into hexagonal modules, and after attaching them to the lower, plywood cone modules, giving the entire project a solid geometry, able to hold festival goers.

via Caitlin Morris

Architecture, Rave's and Beer.

For more info on the project, check out these websites from the students/professors:
Nick Axel:
Dave Stasiuk:
RPI Professors (MethoDesign):
RDA Professors (Krydsrum Arkitekter):

Distortion Festival:

FiberFloat Website:

3 thoughts on “Project Distortion – RPI & The Royal Danish Academy

  1. As a Graduate of RPI’s School of Architecture, it is great to see some of the exciting and collaborative projects the students are working on today. Great post, I am going to re-post this everywhere.

    • Thanks! If you’ve checked out the rest of the site, you’ll see we wanna showcase all college architecture projects. So if you know anybody in other schools, let them know too!

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